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Bulk Bali Supreme Kratom

$0.00 $140.00


1 KG = 1000g

1-10 kg = $140.00 per kg

11-50 k g= $135.00 per kg

51-100 kg = $130.00 per kg

  • Description


Bali Supreme Kratom is bolder than Bali commercial. It has a lasting continuing aroma that has become a favorite. This variety is known to produce energizing and calming fragrances. Please don’t assume this tree grows on the island of Bali. For this isn’t true, Bali Supreme Kratom is cultivated on Borneo. Its unique phytochemical compound content admixed is what gives this variety its spirituous.

Bali Supreme Kratom – Phytochemical Attributes

Bali Supreme Kratom advances distinct admixed Mitrgynine excellence; hence, giving it benefit capacity.

  • Alleviate
  • Attentiveness
  • Vitality


Additional Information

Bali Suprem Kratom is sold milled as a powder with our satisfaction guarantee.

Please call 866-969-Bulk or email service@bulkkratom.co to place your order.

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