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Bulk Green Vein Thai

$0.00 $140.00
  • 1 KG = 1000g
  •  1-10 kg = $140.00 per kg

             11-50 k g= $135.00 per kg

               51-100 kg = $130.00 per kg

  • Description


Thailand is the home of the M.speciosa tree. It has grown there for thousands of years, and used by native farm people of Thailand. Green Vein Thai Kratom is a resilient energetic scent. Farmers were most fond of this variety because of its soothing aroma. This particular breed variety is noted to be the most balancing. Selected from only mature trees. It has a smoother more mellow aroma than the white variety, and  more energetic than the red variety.

Green Vein Thai – Phytochemical Attributes

It has been reported that any green vein variety is similar to white vein variety. Whether the veins are white, green, or red, they are all slightly photochemically different. Green Vein Thai advances consistent Mitragynine attributes; hence, giving its resilience.

Additional Information

Green Vein Thai Kratom is sold milled as a courser powder with our satisfaction guarantee.

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